Tripoli Phoenix – October 2015


Dwain Desbien flew his minimum diameter rocket to 9,872′ AGL (12,056′ MSL) with GPS-1 onboard at the Tripoli Phoenix October launch. Dwain’s Basestation-1 receiver tracked the rocket from launch to landing. This rocket was a 3 inch minimum diameter rocket on a K1085. This was a test launch for the rocket and will go up November 21st on a big M so it should fly much higher.Min_dia[Flight Data]

TCC Blackrock (ID2015) – Pegasus Mk3- July 4th 2015

RFS Co-Founder/Owner James Dougherty flew his Pegasus Mk-III on an AT N1000 at the TCC Independence Day 2015 (4th of Juplaya) launch in the Blackrock Desert with GPS-1 onboard. James flew to an altitude of 45,552 AGL (48,729 MSL) with a top speed of Mach 1.8. Basestation-2 tracked the rocket throughout the flight and recovery only took 15 minutes as the vehicle landed ~ 1.5 miles downrange.

James Daugherty O-Powered Missile 5(1)

Pegasus-LLC319050-ID2015-N1000[Flight Data]


TCC – Dominator-4 – June 2015

Dominator4-liftoff-ATL850WAt the June 2015 TCC Launch Jimmy Franco flew his Dominator-4 with an L850 to 10,063 AGL with GPS-1 tracking on board. The vehicle reached a top speed of 1153.7mph and operated with a maximum temperature of 153.5F (675.C) during flight. Dominator4-L850

Max Altitude : 10,096′ AGL
Max speed: 1153.7mph (may be inaccurate)
Max temperature: 153.5 (67.5C)

Dominator4-Temperature-L850Black rockets get very hot – can your GPS Handle this? [Flight Data]

(Lift-off Photo: Mike Smith)

TCC – Dominator-4 March 2015


Jimmy Franco flew a GPS-1 in his Dominator-4 to 15,575′ AGL with an M-1780 Blue Thunder. Launch was perfect, recovery had some mishaps but the vehicle was returned undamaged and ready to fly again!

Jimmy also included some new experimental recording electronics on-board; the audio file of the launch can be listened to here.


TCC – Dominator-4 February 2015


Jimmy Franco flew his Dominator-4 at the TCC February launch on an Aerotech L1170 to 14591.86′ MSL or 14,425′ AGL. The vehicle exceeded Mach and was also flying with new Real Flight Systems 10DOF IMU and AV recording electronics on board – stay tuned for more info on GPS-1 expansion products in 2016! [Flight Data]