TCC October Skies 2016 – Thrillseeker Frenzy!

Greg Morgan flew his rocket Thrill-Seeker at TCC’s October Skies on October 15, 2016 for a textbook Tripoli L3 certification. The maiden flight of his GPS-1 in a Madcow 4” FG Tomach achieved an altitude of 14,594 AGL (14,766 MSL) on a CTI M1101.




Greg then flew his Frenzy XL with an interchangeable Avionics bay which allowed him to fly his 4” Fiberglass Madcow Rocketry Frenzy XL with GPS-1 and RocketPi onboard to an altitude of 14,570 AGL (14,742 MSL) on a CTI M1160.  As an added bonus, the RocketPi was also aboard recording video and audio, and the video is below.