Designed for recovering high altitude rockets in the desert, Real Flight Systems do not require a HAM license, expensive antenna arrays, or a computer science degree to operate and control. Rather than trying to be a swiss army knife of onboard avionics, they do one thing, and do it best – provide a turnkey telemetry system for your vehicle. Built for high-altitude sounding rockets, Real Flight Systems …

  • Have the highest transmitter output power of any telemetry transmitter on the market and are configured for the maximum FCC Legal ISM band output power (1000 mW or 1 Watt – 30 dBm).
  • Have extremely sensitive RF receiver circuitry – allowing attenuation from -94 dBm to -98 dBm (Note that at -90 dBm means the receiver can decode a signal at 1 nanoWatt)
  • Use the latest uBlox-6/7 GPS modules in Aircraft mode
  • Support real antennas, not a simple wire. They have SMA/RPSMA like a proper Wireless device to support a broad range of antennas and mounting options.
  • Support the best performing high-dynamic range GPS Antennas and RF hardware on the market, natively – no sub-optimal cheap ceramic patch antennas or poor connectors.
  • Do NOT require a laptop computer in the field, you can put coordinates in your phone, and get full data log offline from SD-Card after recovery (a BT option is also available).
  • Do not simply “echo” or “bridge” telemetry data by reading from a GPS and transmitting out a modem — they do full NMEA record processing, LRC checking and only transmit pertinent data to the base-station – translating into longer range and better telemetry performance
  • All use an RTOS for concurrent processing and fault tolerance, the firmware is a modern multi-tasking fault-tolerant executive with hardware redundancy, built over years of R&D with real flight testing behind it.
  • Are built in a real production facility to the highest quality standards possible.


Real Flight Systems provides cutting edge embedded hardware and software solutions for real-time telemetry and experimental aircraft control systems. Built, designed and produced in the heart of Silicon Valley USA .


Real Flight Systems products are sold exclusively online and each system is tested and held to the highest quality standards. Please allow 1-2 weeks shipping per order.