BALLS25 – 8URKT – Sept 2016

Scott Hertel and Guy Hardy flew their 17 foot 350 pound rocket named “8URKT” on an EX Q motor (115k nS) to 77,484′ AGL (81,383′ MSL) with GPS-1 onboard to claim the TRA altitude record for the single stage Q EX motor class!  GPS-1 recorded the full flight profile from take-off to landing; the most interesting portion of the flight data shows the vehicle exceeded Mach at 1,654 AGL (5,553 MSL) and decelerated back to Mach at 63,568′ AGL (67,467 MSL); it then coasted on for another 10,017 feet to an Apogee of 77,484′ AGL (81,383 MSL) or 14.67 statute miles! Photos and data files below.








You can view the data files here.

Photos: Steve Jurvetson