Basestation-2 is a portable hand-held receiver for use with GPS-1/GPS-2 telemetry transmitters and provides for long-range reception of telemetry data from vehicles aloft. Basestation-2 may also be connected to an external antenna for either ground station or vehicle use.


  • Realtime telemetry information: Position and other statistics
  • 2.5 dBi Rubber whip antenna
  • LCD: 20×2 display supporting either GPS-1/GPS-2 transmitters
  • RPSMA: RP-SMA socket for connection to external antenna (default is 2.5dBi Rubber whip antenna)
  • BAT: Connect to charger to charge internal battery.
  • ON/OFF: Toggle to turn unit on and off.
  • F1 – Main function – press to select function display
  • F2 – Subfunction  – press to select subfunctions
  • Battery – Integrated NiMh 9.6v 2200 mah battery


  • RS-232 USB – for connection to host
  • Bluetooth – for connection to host or mobile devices supporting Bluetooth serial
  • External power: 12V Auto, PP45/Marine, Raw Cable


  • Duration: 4-6 hrs (depending upon range of transmitter)
  • Range: 10-100mi (depending upon antenna configuration)

Basestation-II Complete Package


  • Multi-Current Universal Smart Charger for 9.6V – 18V NiMh batteries
  • Deans Connector adapter
  • 2.5mm Basestation adapter
  • 2.5 dBi Whip Antenna
  • Basetation-II (including 2200 mAh NiMh Battery)
  • GPS-1 (Including GPS Antenna, RPSMA Cable and 0dBi Antenna)
  • 3V GPS Almanac Battery
  • 9.6V 2000 mAh NiMh Battery

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