GPS-2 Transmitter/Remote

GPS 2 Telemetry Transmitter module

GPS TWO – Telemetry Tracking & Command Module


  • 16MIPS RISC CPU for high-performance GPS system processing
    • Filtering and adaptive rate control for down-link messages to preserve RF Link bandwidth
  • SDIO Micro-SD Memory Card support (J6) for  data logging onto FAT16/FAT32 media (up to T10 (25Mhz HDLC) V2.0 32GB Cards)
  • High-performance uBlox LEA-5/6 GPS Receiver Module
    • uBlox u-Center USB support
  • NMEA (WGS-84) output provides the widest range of interoperability with GPS software
  • Onboard Sarantel SL1206R GeoHelix®-P2 high-performance, high-gain, low-noise amplified active input GPS receiver antenna (J3)
    • Onboard SMA male external GPS antenna connector (J4) for optional dual GPS antenna
  • High power 1 Watt (1000mW) 30dbM 900Mhz FHSS Modem supporting 500Kbps datarate and up to 16 independent channels (TDMA Dynamic mode)
    • Dual antenna: RPSMA Male AUX antenna (J11) or DNT900C onboard u.FL connector
  • External Antenna mounting with 90-degreee RPSMA (Female) to RPSMA (male) extension cable
  • AES-128 Encryption (not available for export outside the US).*
  • Up to 29V, 20A input power support
    • Support for Triple Redundant/Fault-Tolerant System Power via Multiple Sources
    • VBAT1 – Primary Battery (J13) – Deans Male Connector
    • VBAT2 – Secondary Battery (J12) – Deans Male Connector
    • Back-up Battery – User supplied redundant Backup Battery (up to 29V)) – (TB1, BB+/-)
  • Solid-State Switchable Power Supplies for controlling all attached electronics on TB1
    • VBAT1 – Main system power via S4, JP9 (ALWAYS_ON) (external switch)
    • TB1-V1+/- Primary Flight Electronics CPU Power from VBATT
    • TB1-V2+/- Backup Flight Electronics Pyro Power from VBATT
    • TB1-U1+/- User Power from VBATT (Switched from Terminal Block)
  • Wireless controlled, electrically isolated Remote control Power
    • TB1-V1+/- Remote Control Primary Avionics/Flight-Computer Power On/Off (CH-1)
    • TV1-V2+/- Remote Control Backup Avionics/Flight-Computer Power On/Off (CH-2)
    • TB1-U1+/- User Power On/Off (CH-3)
    • Voltage/Current switching and monitoring, including full system power shut-down
  • Remote Control Deployment/Pyrotechnic Channels
    • SW controlled FET switch for ARM safety
    • TB1-P1+/- channel P1
    • TB1-P2+/- channel P2
  • 8-channel 12-bit Analog to digital converter
    • Support for logging voltage measurements on all switchable power supplies
    • Support for logging two user defined Analog to Digital Converters (ADC)
      • TB1 A1+/- User ADC channel2
      • TB1 A2+/- User ADC channel 1
  • Temperature Sensing from -55°C to +125°C with 0.5°C Accuracy (Typ.)
    • GPMTW NMEA active output or console stats
    • Support for logging temperature with date and GPS location
  • Wireless configuration and monitoring of Power state via expert mode
  • Expert mode supports remote control wireless login shell with password protection featuring command line shell interface for advanced users
  • Pushbutton power with software de-bounce of 5-seconds and trick start-up to prevent unintended shutdown or operation
  • USB Serial port connection for development/debugging without RF Modem
  • Tested range: 40 miles LOS
  • Supported software: any NMEA GPS Program (ExpertGPS, VisualGPS, Google Earth, etc)
  • Over 8hrs operational time (running all features) using 9.6V 2200mah NiMh 8xAA battery pack


  • 8050 x 1980 x 125 (LxWxH mils)
  • 8.05” x 1.98” x 1/8” (LxWxH inches)
  • 204.47x 50.29 x 3.75 (LxWxH mm)

Assembled height: ½” High (fits inside 54mm Performance Rocketry AF Tube, slip fit in Coupler)

Empty Weight: 4.2 oz, Flight Weight: 13.4 oz

Note: includes 9.6v 2200ma Battery, 0dBi RF Antenna, 6” RPSMA extension cable

See the Basestation-1 for details on the Telemetry receiver.

* Only unlocked open-air modules may be shipped outside the USA.