TCC Blackrock (ID2016) – Pegasus Mk3- July 4th 2016

mercator-ae2-croppediPhone-070516 349Pegasus- 3

RFS Co-Founder/Owner James Dougherty re-flew his Pegasus Mk-III on an AT N1000 at the TCC Independence Day 2016 (4th of Juplaya) launch in the Blackrock Desert with both GPS-1 and a RaspberryPi (RocketPi) onboard. James flew to an altitude of 46,434 AGL (48,731 MSL) with a top speed of Mach 1.8. Basestation-2 tracked the rocket throughout the flight and Raspberry Pi did full recording of HD 1080p30 at 10Mbps throughout the flight. Gigapixel Panorama view shown here facing S/SW toward Pyramid Lake with Reno to the South and Sacramento to the SW.


Flight details, data and other information available here. For more information on RocketPi, visit here.