BASESTATION-1 – Telemetry Receiver Module



The Base-Station One (B1) receiver connects to the GPS-2 remote telemetry board and provides for:

  • Simple 4-function stats at a touch
  • USB port for expert mode
    • Remote Transmitter console access via USB for command/control and NMEA data from USB Port J15 to host computer
  • IP68/NEMA4X Sealed construction
  • Realtime telemetry information: Position and other statistics
  • Battery and Charger for up to 8hrs use
  • 20×2 Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) with MIL-SPEC Gray Filter
  • 4 Mil-Spec Momentary Pushbutton with Black Pushbutton Sealing Boot
  • Red Mil-Spec sealed (IP68) SPST On/Off switch
  • NEMA-4X 9x3x2 FG Enclosure
  • NEMA 4X IP68 DC Power Charger and Plug
  • IP68 USB Cables (Cable Assemblies) USB MINI B 2M (6FT) CBL – MILSTD
  • Multi-Current Universal Smart Charger for 9.6V – 18V



  • GPS-2: UBX6-RFM-SL1206
    • uBlox LEA-6H GPS Receiver
    • RFM DNT900C 1W Modem
    • SL1206 GPS Antenna
    • 2000 ma NiMh battery pack
  • Base-station-1: Receiver and Display
    • VFD, Telemetery Receiver, USB 2.0 NMEA
    • 2600 ma NiMh Battery
  • Accessories
    • Charger and Battery connectors (Base/Remote)
    • Transmitter RF Antenna Cable – RP-SMA Male Right-Angle to RP-SMA Bulkhead Female
    • GPS-2 Telemetry Transmitter RF Antenna – 0dBi
    • Base-Station 1 RF Antenna – Patch 5dBi
    • Base-Station 1 RF Antenna – 4dBi
  • Optional Accessories
    • GPS External SL1206R GPS Antenna (12″/6″ cable option)
    • 4dBi Car Antenna with Magnetic mount
  • Full System (“The Package”)
      • Includes all of the above (except optional accessories) and GPS-2

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