RFS-MARSA formed to develop and market disruptive navigation and control products

RFS-Marsa, Inc. formed to develop and market disruptive navigation and control products and technology for the Government, commercial, educational and consumer aerospace markets.

March 20, 2022 – Santa Fe, NM

Real Flight Systems, Inc and Marsa Systems, Inc have combined forces and formed RFS-Marsa, LLC (a New Mexico limited liability company).

The company’s products utilize highly optimized compute and data processing hardware coupled with advanced, fault-tolerant, multi-processing system software and proprietary algorithms built over decades of flight experience. RFS-Marsa leverages the latest chip sets for compute, multi-sensor 3D fusion and inertial processing, high performance industry leading GNSS combined with low-latency, long-range bi-directional wireless communications to provide unprecedented capability, performance, and value.

The company’s first product leverages over 50 man-years combined development experience for the consumer aerospace market, over 25 years of which has been dedicated to shipping solutions for unmanned rocket systems. Stay tuned for the company’s first product announcements in the 2nd quarter of this year.

About RFS-Marsa,LLC.

RFS-Marsa has locations in Morgan Hill California, North Canton Ohio, and Santa Fe new Mexico.

Real Flight Systems, Inc (a California corporation) was formed in 2010 to develop and distribute real-time, long-range tracking, telemetry and control systems for unmanned rockets.

Marsa Systems, Inc (a New York corporation) was formed in 2008 to develop and distribute flight control systems for unmanned rockets.

Photo: John Kovac

2021 High Altitude Balloon (HAB) Testing

Real Flight Systems evaluated several new technologies onboard John Kovac’s High Altitude Balloon flight. All systems operated nominally and the vehicle achieved a maximum altitude of 107,630 AGL / 107,811 MSL with a flight time of well over 6hrs.

Recovery was along the Poso Canal in the San Joaquin river, in Central Valley California. Several interesting measurements were taken onboard the flight.

This forms the basis of some initial testing on future designs. Stay tuned for more product updates in the near future. For more information, contact sales at realflightsystems dot com.


2020 – Year in Review

During the COVID19 pandemic, Real Flight Systems has been busy designing and testing new hardware for the coming flying season.Some major milestones this year include: testing a completely new CPU subsystem, new Long range Radio testing, evaluation and performance analysis of 4 commercially available GPS receivers, porting to new real time operating system and common flight-proven code base. Some PCB outlines of new and coming products are shown below for reference.

This should leave us wrapping up alpha testing this year with early beta testing and verification complete in 2022. Stay tuned for some new and exciting products coming in the near future.

BALLS28 – GPS-3 final testing

Greg Morgan flew his Mongoose 165 on an O6000 from Animal Motor Works at BALLS28 with GPS-1 as reference, and an unlocked GPS (RFS GPS-3). Unlike consumer GPS modules, this system has a factory unlock code allowing no limits on position, speed, or altitude and also supporting ionosphere correction modes for > 100Km operational mode. All systems operated nominally along with several new GPS antenna and firmware improvements.

GPS-3 is a flagship product, which provides both speed and altitude through Mach and supports a factory unlocked GPS module with no limits on either altitude or velocity. Unlike consumer GPS modules, this system is shipped with a factory unlock code allowing no limits on position, speed, or altitude and also supporting an advanced set of measurements and features including ionosphere correction for > 100Km operational mode.

The GPS-3 is available only by special request and is custom build to order. Expect Two (2) weeks lead time. Contact sales at realflightsystems dot come for more information – serious inquiries only, this product is export controlled and not for available for export outside of the continental United States.




BALLS27 – Greg Morgan – Mongoose 165 – O4900

Greg Morgan flew his Mongoose 165 on a CTI O4900 Blue at BALLS27 in the Blackrock Desert. The Vehicle is a Performance Rocketry Mongoose 165 with a prototype unlocked (unlimited altitude) GPS-3 telemetry system built by Real Flight Systems; separately a GPS-1 was flown onboard for reference. The vehicle flew to an altitude of 43,576′ MSL or 39,731′ AGL and was recovered approximately 4 miles downrange