TRAPHX – Tripoli Phoenix -01/25/14

Dwain Desbian flew GPS-1 in his 4″6′ tall custom built rocket on an L935 to 13,390 AGL (14,570 MSL) at the Tripoli Phoenix (TRAPHX) launch in January. “Flight went perfectly and recovery was a very short walk.  As rocket went out of view was watching decent on basestation when we heard the main chute charge go off at exactly the correct altitude according to the GPS.”  The onboard GPS-1 lifted off with 12 satellite lock while being subjected to temperatures of over 140F.

apogee temperature



Gerald Meux claims TRA O-Impulse, Single Stage Research Group Altitude Record using GPS-1 at BALLS

Gerald Meux and Guy Hardy at BALLS 2013.

Gerald Meux and Guy Hardy at BALLS 2013.

Gerald Meux and Guy Hardy flew their 6″ diameter, 12′ long rocket “Circus Peanut” to an altitude of 23,512′ AGL at BALLS this year and claimed the Research O-Impulse altitude record using the new TRA altitude reporting rules.

Circus Peanut GPS Track

Gerald flew using a Real Flight Systems GPS-1 telemetry transmitter and Basestation-2 ground-station. Lift-off was at 2:49PM, flight weight was 141lbs and the 40″ long O motor built by Guy flew the rocket to a top speed of 1719 ft/sec (Mach 1.56) and 23,512′ AGL. GPS lock was kept at all times during the flight and recovery occurred about 1 mile downrange.



LDRS 2013

LDRS32 Pegasus-III

James Dougherty flew his Pegasus-III at LDRS 2013 with a N-1100, GPS-1 onboard telemetry, Rousetech C02, G-WIZ LCX, and Marsa54. James achieved an altitude of 43,682′ MSL,  (40634′ AGL) and recovered the vehicle approximately 5 miles downrange. Dougherty tracked the rocket through apogee and landing. GPS-1 onboard telemetry worked perfectly throughout the flight.


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